The Story of Peanut

While I’m traveling, I regularly receive strange looks as I take pictures of my stuffed elephant doing crazy things. Some of you may know the story and still think I’m crazy but if you aren’t having fun and laughing in life, then what is the point?!  Peanut will be a regular guest star in my blog throughout my adventure so I’m here to tell you his story.

It all began in high school during my senior year. My FFA advisor gave me a collection of different elephant gifts for Christmas because he knew my life-long love for elephants. This particular break my family had the opportunity to spend a week in the Cayman Islands courtesy of Beck’s Hybrids. Attached to the cute stuffed elephant in my gift was a note that said, “Fly me to the Caymans”.  It was decided then and there that Peanut would be joining the family vacation and all travels from that day forward! It was fun to come up with funny, weird things for Peanut to do on our trip. He relaxed on the beach, visited Margaretville, and even got to sit in the cockpit to fly our plane! Since this day Peanut has not only gotten to travel to the Caymans but he’s been to Italy, Canada, and Ireland! You can see a few of his exciting pictures below. I can’t wait to see what France has in store for Peanut and I. Stay tuned for updates!

Relaxing on the beach in the Grand Cayman


Peanut is the best pilot around!
Peanut is the best pilot around!


Peanut and I at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland
Peanut and I at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland


On the bridge back to the United States after an exciting time in Canada


Hanging out with some cops in Pisa Italy…. long story 😉

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