So, you’ve heard the news. I’m studying and working in France this summer!! I am so blessed to have this opportunity through Purdue Agriculture and Purpan. I am even more blessed to have a family that supports even my wildest ideas and adventures. It won’t be easy being so far from home but I have no doubt that these will be some of the most memorable months of my life. I will be based out of Toulouse, France but I’m sure there will be several journeys along the way!

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.00.53 AM

It is kind of a mouthful to explain exactly what I am doing so I included a link to the programs page: http://www.purpan.fr/fr/international/summer-program

I will begin by taking classes for  4 weeks at the university. Don’t worry, they will be taught in English! HOWEVER, my internship portion of this program is a little unique. Instead of being placed with a host family and working on their farm, I will be traveling around to the internships of others students that are participating in the program. I will be making a video for Purpan and other universities to use in promoting this awesome program. I have also attached the link to the previous promotional video. This video is out of date in some aspects of the program but will give you a better idea of what exactly I am doing!

Classes start June 2nd but my plane will be taking off on May 28th. Three other Purdue students and myself made the decision to begin our trip a little early and take a few days to explore Paris! It will definitely be amazing to begin this journey by looking up at the Eiffel Tower!!

I sincerely appreciate the friends and family that are keeping up with my summer through this blog. My main goal for this diary is to be able to have documentation of my adventures. It’s so easy to forget the details of a trip such as this and I hope that is will help to preserve them. I hope you enjoy keeping up with my summer!Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 9.54.46 PM


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