Some things I’ve learned.(aka I’m out of creative title ideas)

Americans are loud. Put us in a group larger than 4 and it can actually be kind of embarrassing how loud we are when we talk amongst each other around here.

Candy Crush is universal. I can’t lie, I played it regularly while abroad! 5 hour train/bus rides with nothing but music and candy crush that works on my phone… I’m bound to crush some candy. I’m not the only one though! Everywhere we went I saw someone playing it as well.

Nutella IS fantastic! I had tried it once before I left and didn’t think much of it. It became a staple in my diet abroad because I love it so much now. Nutella crepes are to die for!

There are no squirrels?! I did not see ONE!! I finally asked  a French friend and he told me there were in rural areas but in my time in the countryside I did not see one squirrel so I’m going to say there are none until I have proof.

The way French people say super is super. I can’t reenact it but is really is great.

Engineer doesn’t mean the same thing here. Being from Purdue I’m used to our meaning of engineer (AKA nerd… just kidding!). The best way I can describe it is that having an engineering degree (in whatever your major is) from a university in France is the equivalence of having a masters degree in America.

I’ve changed…… Don’t worry!! I’m still the same crazy Kelly I’ve always been but I am proud to say I can sleep with no blanket on AND I woke up to an alarm on my phone every morning for almost 60 days. If you know me and my sleeping habits you know this is a major change.

Foosball is called little foot. Just in case you ever need to know that for your everyday life.

If you study abroad you might want to consider investing in 2 converters. I’m not high maintenance but it would have been helpful to have two sometimes. You are so busy creating memories and running around that you hardly spend time in your room. When you are in your room, EVERYTHING needs charged and your hair needs done and someone needs to borrow your converter because theirs doesn’t work (it’s a vicious cycle). You’ve got to keep that camera ready for action! A shorter program like this you could get by with just one but if you are doing a semester I think that would be a solid investment.


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