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Most of these probably won’t make sense to you readers but this blog is my way to remember the things that happened while I was abroad. There has been some seriously good times and laughter the past couple of weeks that I definitely don’t want to forget. Sometimes we were slap-happy, exhausted, or just plain goofy but we definitely had a great time!

“You guys are a… special school.” –Jayce within about 5 hours of meeting Nicole, Nick, Laurissa, and myself. What can I say… Purdue has a good time!

Our motto: “When in Toulouse you’ve got nothing to lose”

“I just hope that someday someone looks at me the same way that Nick looks at his food….”

“THERE’S NO ATTRACTIVE WAY TO RUN WITH A BACKPACK!!!” –This was running to catch the tram before it left the station on our way to Marseille. It was interesting with all of our luggage but it had to be hilarious to watch. We made it!

“Up until 45 minutes ago, you thought we were here for a rugby match…” -Nicole to me

“My brother taught me how to talk to girls and my sister taught me how to keep them” – Jayce

“… beer, cheese, chocolate, and THEN boys.” This is the logic of a French friend of mine.

“My mom sent me a picture of her watermelon because she thinks I’m some sort of watermelon goddess.”

“I woke up and thought there was blood all over my pillow!…. It was chocolate” This is the result of a good Purparty

“Some say, hide yo kids, hide yo wife, we say, hide yo nutella, hide yo chocolate”  …. You would have had to understand the YouTube reference here but we definitely had to hide the Nutella and chocolat (that’s how it is spelled in French) from each other a couple of times

“It tastes like basement!” Cheese tasting day was interesting to say the least. Lots of strong cheeses that we weren’t used to.

“I’ll normally just take my Clydesdales but if I need a low rider, I’ll just ride my bear!” You know… there’s really nothing that can explain this one, you had to be there.

“MASSIVE HEAR ATTACK! That’s how I want to go… Aorta artery just BURST!!” –Nick: He has high goals for himself obviously.

“So much pollen, so little Claritin” -Nicole

“…and there was a baguette under my bed. ” –Nicole….huh?

“Your accent is delicious!” –French man about Laurissa trying to speak French


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