School’s out for summer!

The last week of class has been a blast! Like I said previously it was really busy but classes are over as of Friday! The week was filled with more French lessons, field trips, and activities. Wednesday we took part in a Gastronomy workshop where we made an authentic French meal to enjoy. I loved it! We divided into three groups. My group made the appetizer and the other two made the main dish and dessert. We ate bruschetta with duck liver on it (Yes, it’s actually good), salad, duck and potatoes, and a delicious apricot thing with ice cream. Everything turned out great and of course it was ten times more fun because of the chef hat and apron we got to wear. We had a farewell potluck dinner that night where everyone made food from their culture. So not only did we enjoy French food but things from all over the world! (Not all students in the program are from America). After the farewell dinner we had a party at the school with the other French Purpan students. They graduated this week so they had a lot of celebrating to do! The classes are very small and their schooling takes 5 years so they are a very close group! Thursday I went with the viticulture students on their field trip around Bordeaux. It was beautiful and we got to try all sorts of amazing wines. Friday we gave our final presentation about beer and took an oral French exam. Our presentation went well but French was a little rough, I did my best though!

Capitole at night!
Chef Kelly
Lalita, the selfie queen from Illinois!
The gastronomy workshop was a blast!
SO much food. This was what my group made
Bordeaux was b-e-a-t-i-f-u-l! 
My first Big Mac ever… When in France??
Beware: Mustache ahead!

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