Week #3

The 3rd week of classes has been fantastic! I know it is cliché but this program really has flown by so far. The first two weeks were cool but I really like the food and agriculture option I decided to do. Instead of taking an exam at the end of the month, we are given a project to work on. Lucas, Nick, Nicole and myself get to do our project over beer. We are researching the production process, nutritional facts, differences between American and French beers, looking at different producers, taste testing, and all of that good stuff. It is really interesting to learn about and both Nick and Lucas have brewed their own beer before so they have taught me a lot. The other groups are doing their projects over ice cream, biscuits (cookies), and cheese.
This week was filled with lots of activities and tours that got us out of the regular classroom. Tuesday we learned about cheese production in a lab and then had a taste testing of many different kinds. I’m normally not adventurous when it comes to cheese and I stick with my Colby jack but I tried them all!!
Wednesday was another fun day. We started off the morning by doing an exercise for French lessons. We had to explore the town for a market and then plan a meal with certain specifications given to us by our teacher. My group decided to prepare rabbit for our Muslim friends. Of course, we don’t have to actually buy or prepare these things but we took pictures and wrote down everything we wanted and pretended. Interacting with the merchants was hard but it was fun to try out the skills we have learned. That afternoon we visited the Purpan experimental farm. I got to hang out with some dairy cows and I found some cornfields so I was a really happy camper. It felt like home!!
Today (Thursday June 19th) we took a tour of Ratz Brewery and an ice cream manufacturer. I had really been looking forward to this day and it definitely didn’t disappoint! Beer for breakfast was a little rough but obviously we had to try them all for the sake of our research project. The ice cream was made from goat milk and was some of the best I have ever had. We also made a pit stop in Rocamadour. The city was built into the side of a mountain and was really pretty! Tomorrow we have a really flexible day to work on our projects at our leisure. Then some friends and I are headed to Marseille for the weekend!! This is a “free weekend” so the school doesn’t have anything planned for us. It is our last weekend together because after next week everyone will be leaving to go live with their host families. It should be a good time and we hope to have some good weather. I’m sure there will be solid beach time and of course some exploring! The Hancock County fair starts tomorrow so I will definitely be thinking of home a lot this week. Someone have a milkshake in my honor!… And a donut.. And a walking taco. And you will probably need a sarsaparilla to wash that down. Thanks!

Cheese tasting day! (finally got ONE picture to post from my room and this is the one that goes through hahaha)
Cheese tasting day!
Ratz Brewery Tour
My new French friends!
We love goat milk ice cream!

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