Top 10 Songs for your Study Abroad Playlist

**Disclaimer: I like country music. It’s fine if you don’t but you will probably have to make your own playlist… sorry**

Music is crucial in my life so naturally I made several playlists for my traveling. I have to admit, I enjoy a pretty broad range of music and sometimes the playlists can be pretty weird. Songs trigger certain memories and times in my life. Just like Eric Church said, it’s “funny how a melody sounds like a memory.” These aren’t in any particular order and some of them really have nothing to do with travel… but I hope you enjoy!

#1 On Top of the World

Because how can you not feel on top of the world when you listen to this song? Studying abroad is some of the most memorable moments of your life and this song outlines exactly how I feel at this very moment about life. Cause I’m on top of the world, ‘ay!

#2 I’ve Had the Time of My Life

Honestly, I’ve never watched Dirty Dancing. This one is for my parents because it is has been declared “their song” or at least I declared that. It makes me think of them and also remembering to have the time of my life while I am traveling!

#3 Tell the World

Another inspirational song for the playlist. This blog and my pictures are my way of telling the world all the things I’ve done. I hope you are enjoying the ride with me!

#4 The Climb

Because who doesn’t need some Hannah Montana/pre-insane Miley Cyrus motivation in their life? Life’s a climb but the view is G-R-E-A-T!! Keep your faith and you’ll make it over the mountain, I promise!

#5 Carry You with Me

I randomly came across this song a couple weeks before I left for my trip. It has a lot of meaning behind it to me. Thankfully I have A LOT of people thinking about and praying for me while I’m gone. There are certain people that I am definitely carrying with me every day (and no it’s not just Peanut).

#6 Timing is Everything

So many things could be said about this song. Not only did this whole program work out for me because of timing but it really is coming into play for me recently. I sometimes struggle to trust that things will work out in the end, one way or another. In retrospect, things always work out and I worry for nothing.  Like the song says, “When the stars line up and you catch a break, people think you’re lucky but you know its grace”.

#7 We Are Young

Because I’m young, and wild, and free and this song explains that perfectly. Enough said!

#8 Fast

Okay, maybe this one wasn’t the best idea. This number on my high school graduation slideshow so it always makes me reminisce to the simpler days of childhood. It reminds me of home, growing up, moving on, and that sometimes life goes a little too fast. So enjoy every moment (especially those that happen abroad)!

#9 Smile

This song will forever remind me of my mom… and Regis Philbin (long story). Smiling is a universal language and even when you can’t always communicate, you can always leave someone with a smile.

#10 Whatever She’s Got

Nothing to do with traveling… but it’s one of my favorites and I can’t leave it off any playlist I make!

#11 Helluva Life

Okay, this is more than 10 I realize but this song just needed to be included. Life is REALLY good! Also, let’s be real I’m not good at decisions and I couldn’t pick just 10 songs for a playlist.


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