Barcelona Baby!

Another country can be marked off of my bucket list! We got out of class early on Friday to head to Barcelona together. It’s nice that the school organizes weekend trips like this. For this, they took care of our accommodations and transportation but then set us loose to explore Barcelona however we pleased. We hit up the Park Gruell, Sagrada Familia, and all that other good stuff. We even spent a couple hours enjoying the Mediterranean Sea. Turns out beaches are not only topless but full nudity is also acceptable. Thankfully participation is optional!!! The weather was nice for us and we had a great weekend. It’s pretty cool to be in Europe during the FIFA World Cup even though I’m not a futbol fan!
Saturday was Flag Day back home so I was missing our usual red, white, and blue bash and was thinking a lot about my friends from home. I wore my star dress out that night in honor of the day. I guess that just means we will have to celebrate harder next year… Right?
We are back at Purpan now and ready for another week of classes. For the first 2 weeks all of the students in the program attended the same agriculture lectures. French lessons we are divided into small groups based on our skills (aka I’m in the lowest level). For these next 2 weeks we are divided into our concentrations. You get to pick between the viticulture and food & agriculture programs. I will be taking the food & agriculture courses. However, since I am a special case and making the video I get to select which of the different field trips I want to attend so I kind of get the best of both worlds. It’s very possible I am the luckiest girl in the entire world!
Thanks for reading. Stay classy America!




One of the program assistants, Elise!


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