Oops… Did I do that?

Studying abroad brings responsibility… You can’t lose your passport, have to avoid pick pocketers in touristy locations, you have to plan your excursions, and apparently the most difficult… you can’t lose your room keys.
It’s rare that I lose things so this was stressful for me. When I do, they are usually just misplaced and my mom can find them in 5 minutes after I’ve looked for an hour (You rock, Mom!). When we returned from Carcassonne on Friday after class and I couldn’t find my keys I knew exactly what had happened. I had my phone and keys in the same side pocket of my backpack and when I pulled my phone out to snap a picture for Instagram (My username is @kelbeek) the keys fell out.
The reception office of our dorm was closed for the weekend already, we were leaving for the mountains the next morning, and the security guard was nowhere to be found…. Looks like I was sleeping on the couch in our kitchen and wearing the same thing for the next 3 days!?
After a minor panic attack, some frustrated texts to my sister and boyfriend, and a French speaking security guard finally showing up at his office; I was able to borrow a temporary key until I found or replaced the keys.
Carcassonne will probably forever hold the room key to C607-1… 40 euros later and the key is replaced. Another lesson learned the hard way but it could have been much worse and life goes on. Just hold onto your sense of humor, balance, and perspective and you will have an amazing trip….. But keys are nice to have too!



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