Summer School

This is the only time I would willingly sit through class in the summertime. The first week of classes was a success! We have long days in the classroom but they go by really quickly. There really is no typical day for us. Some days consist of nothing but class and sometimes we go on tours or field trips! We usually begin at 8:45 in the morning and have class until 12:00. We then have a break to walk to the cafeteria (it’s kind of far away) and eat lunch. We have a meal card that allows us to swipe in the dining court. Class begins again at 1:45 and then we are in session until 5. We are taking two classes, a general agriculture class and French lessons. It makes for a long day but it’s fun. I can even speak some French now!!
Wednesday we had the afternoon off to take a guided tour of Toulouse. We had a field trip today (Friday) to Carcassonne. This is a medieval fortress that is just over an hour away from Toulouse. It was really cool to see and was a super cute little town! We are headed to the Pyrenees Mountains to go hiking early tomorrow morning so there won’t be any more posts for a couple days. We have Monday off from class because of Pentecost Day!!

The gates of Carcassonne
The gates of Carcassonne


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