Welcome Home

(Written May 31st/June 1st: No Internet access all weekend)
Toulouse, France at Purpan University… this is where I will be calling home for at the next 2ish months. The 4 of us Purdue students that came together easily made our way from our hotel in Paris, to the train station, on board the huge train, and to our destination. We quickly found someone from the Purpan program and met two of the other participants, Morgan and Lucas from Colorado. We made our way to the school with help from a couple of the program assistants. Most of the assistants are graduates of Purpan and can speak fairly good English. They are using this as an opportunity to practice their English so we help them while they are helping us.
The residence is very interesting! When we arrived they handed us a big bag of food and gave us a bunch of information. I have my own room and bathroom, this combination has NEVER happened in my life so it is a little strange. There are different flats around the residence and each flat has 7 “apartments” aka rooms and then the seven of us share a kitchen area. Luckily, the 4 of us from Purdue that went early, Lucas and Morgan from Colorado, and another boy from Purdue named Daniel got paired as flat mates. I was nervous about sharing the area with complete strangers or even possible other French Purpan students but we have already become good friends.
After arriving we unpacked our bags, rearranged our rooms, and we headed into town to find a “walmart type store”. That is where we found Carrefore. It is like a mall/walmart that has just about everything you could imagine. Not many people in this area speak English at all so it has been fun. After picking up some of the things we forgot, eating Subway (yes, Subway… we needed a little taste of home) and exploring, we headed back to the university. We have a card that allows us to use the cities bus, metro, and tram systems for free. It has come in handy so many times already! After dropping off our things and hanging around for a little while Nick, Laurissa, Nicole, and I went to walk around what we thought was the city center…. Turns out we just walked around the ghetto but now we know where not to go! We quickly headed back to the residence and met up with Morgan and Lucas. We chatted for a long time in our common area and Daniel later joined us. Daniel also went to Purdue but he is from Columbia. We stayed up until about 1:30am talking with each other and telling stories.
The city is almost completely shut down on Sunday’s so we decided we are going to catch up on sleep and walk to the real city center just so we feel more comfortable knowing our way around the city. It was good to get a better feel for the city and enjoy a relaxing day with friends.

Our first night in our flat. Looking through our Paris pictures.


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