What I learned from Being a Tourist in Paris

#1 There are nice, compassionate, and helpful people no matter where you go in the world.
Paris is known for “being rude to Americans”. There were times when we didn’t feel completely welcome but I am sure it is frustrating for them that we butcher their language. However, there are people that went out of their way to help us. Man in the train station that guided us to the Eiffel Tower, merci!

#2 I am out of shape.
Climbing the stairs to the top of the Eiffel Tour was brutal. I paid money to do this?! The Sacré-Cœur Basilica wasn’t an easy task either. But the long climb was worth the view! (Cue Hannah Montana song- The Climb)

#3 The Eiffel Tower isn’t as easy to find as you would expect.
It doesn’t help when you have a waiter that sends you in the wrong direction but you would think the famous tower would stand out above everything! It actually took us quite a while to track it down.

#4 The train system isn’t as scary as you would think
Buy a day pass, look at a map, and you’ll get to your destinations in no time. It’s not that bad! And if you get on the wrong train (yeah, it happened) just get off at the next stop and backtrack!

#5 Communication is hard.
Obviously there is a language barrier here but also with home. When I have wifi in the mornings it is 2 am and when I get it at night I just want to go to bed. So thanks for the patience my friends… This stinks a little

#6 Paris is HUGE.
There’s no way you can see and do it all. Even with a train pass!

We are leaving for Toulouse bright and early tomorrow. I am not sure if we will have internet access when we first get there so I can’t promise communication to people or posts. I’ll keep you up to date!!


One thought on “What I learned from Being a Tourist in Paris”

  1. I am enjoying reading your blog. Wow if I only could of had a blog when I went to Europe in 1982 as a National FFA exchange student for W.E.A. Work Experience Abroad. Enjoy every minute. Be safe! Be smart! We are praying for you!! Wow, I didn’t have facebook or email or internet or computers or cell phone when I went to Europe in 1982. How things have changed. What a great way to keep up with everyone and keep record of everything!!

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