Paris day #1 was a success!! We dealt with planes, trains, and lots of maps! It was an exhausting day because of getting little sleep on the plane the night before but we still managed to get some exploring done. It took us a surprisingly long time to find the Eiffel Tower… But we made it! Today we are off to do more sightseeing!


There’s not a better song to summarize this experience than this:


2 thoughts on “Paris”

  1. That song is what I think of when I picture you in Europe! However, instead of the lyrics ‘Dixie land,’ I sing ‘Disneyland’. I guess the only thing left to do is ‘kiss a west coast girl under the northern lights’ haha. Tomorrow’s theme song…. Now it will be stuck in your head all day…you are welcome 🙂

  2. So, of course I’m getting caught up on your blog and I clicked on the youtube link and hunter hayes “invisible” started playing, I was like um… paris makes her feel invisible? and then I realized it was an ad. lol!!

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