Flying High

I am writing this as I take off to Canada for our first layover. Keep in mind my postings might not actually be online right as I do them because I can only post when I have wifi. I will include the actual dates and times if it’s going to be significantly later!

We’re on a TINY plan that is only 4 seats across and not even full. I am in the front row with a window seat and I don’t even have a buddy next to me! It’s pretty weird.

I have been pretty nervous the past two days but as takeoff begins I am surprisingly extremely calm. I love flying but it’s the leaving that is tough. Goodbyes (better known as ‘see you laters’) are never easy but I know I will have people thinking about me and praying for me daily. That’s a pretty cool feeling!

As my mom said multiple times this morning as I left, “only 58 more days until you’re back in America!” See you then Mom!

I slept on the 1.5 hour flight to Canada… I don’t brag about my ability to sleep anywhere for nothing!

Our flight to Paris was delayed due to a hydraulic leak and we had to switch planes and terminals. We were supposed to leave at 7:30pm but now we are leaving a little after 9pm… So that will put us landing in Paris around 10am (Paris time- it is a 6 hour difference).

This plane is the biggest I have ever been on. It is set up in a 3-3-3 format and I’m in the last row. I like being the last row because you can lean your seat back without feeling guilty about the person behind you! If my calculations are correct there is a little over 600 people on this plane!

The strangest thing happened to me on the plane but it’s pretty complicated so I won’t bore you with details…Let’s just say language barriers are already become an issue. I have the feeling this is going to make for some very interesting stories. Stay tuned!

Selfie with my plane buddy….


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