5 things you should know before your international flight from the mind of Kelly

#1 The food isn’t that bad.
Maybe it’s because I’m in college and my standards for a meal aren’t that high but I have alway had good experiences with food on planes. No, it’s not momma’s hot homemade deliciousness but it fills your belly and is actually somewhat enjoyable to eat.

#2 Your feet might swell.
I guess it doesn’t happen to everyone but on a 7+ hour flight, my feet usually do. Maybe it’s because I don’t get up and stretch enough but honestly it’s pretty awkward to get up and walk around on a flight with all those people staring at you. It’s uncomfortable but it’ll go down before you know it! But hey, maybe it’s just me and the other old ladies.

#3 Airports might not have free wifi and if they do it usually doesn’t work that great.
Layovers can be painfully boring because of this but you WILL survive. Don’t make promises to contact loved ones that you might not be able to keep.

#4 Have a pen in the bag you keep with you on the plane.
You are going to put your backpack or big carry on above in the overhead bin. Keep a pen in your purse or other little bag because you are going to have to fill out a form for customs before you land.
And yes I am saying this one from current experience…. Anyone got a pen I can borrow?

#5 You will have the best people watching opportunities you have ever seen in your life.
Airports contain people from all over the world, going places all over the world. You see people wearing things you didn’t even know existed, ladies wearing heals 6 inches tall for a 9 hour flight, and me… Wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt.

So sit back and enjoy the ride! And don’t forget your passport!!


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