Tips for a Traveler

I finally began the long process of packing! I have a tendency to overpack but with a 50 pound weight restriction, I have to be picky! I had seen several packing blogs and websites with tips but sometimes those are completely unrealistic…Sorry lady, I do want to wear clean underwear everyday! I can’t fit all this crap in one backpack like your photos show!

A friend told me about this little trick a couple days ago and I am excited about the results. They sell fancy bags designed specifically for this purpose but guess what? You don’t need them and they are expensive. I just gathered some gallon ziplock bags from the kitchen and filled one with my first victim, my socks. I shut the bag except for a small part, sat on it, and got all the air out that I possible could while sealing it.
I have almost 2 weeks worth of bulky socks taking up the same amount as about 2 t-shirts. I’d call that winning!!
Now what am I forgetting?….



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