“Au Revoir Kelly!”

It is safe to say that I have the greatest family and friends in the entire world. While I am only gone two months, there are several significant things I am going to miss while I’m away. I won’t be here for the legendary Hancock County fair, my 21st birthday, the 4th of July (my favorite holiday), and the everyday happenings of sweet summertime in rural Indiana. I know I will be having a GREAT time while I’m gone but how could I not be a little upset in missing all those good times!? Thankfully my friends are always looking for a reason to party and held a gathering in honor of me leaving! Seriously though… Luke, Sam, Ashley, Blake, Lori, Evan, Mom, Dad, Lauren, Jennie, Rick, Susan, Wilma, Ethan, Josh, Brooke, Zach and Fletcher- thank you and au revoir!!

IMG_0241 IMG_0261 IMG_0262 IMG_0267 IMG_0266 IMG_0263


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